Forum Committee

Please bear with us as we update the Army LGBT Forum Committee page; in the meantime, a list of our committee members can be seen below and their respective contact details.

Chair – Maj Rob Ridley

Vice Chair – WO2 Dougie Graham

Vice Chair – WO2 Lou Wolstenholme

Secretary – Sgt Guy Lowe-Barrow

Welfare Rep – Sgt Jonny Cox

Media – OCdt Chris Howard

Events – Cpl Gaz Instone

Sports – Capt Richard Cann

Reserves – Sgt Corey London

Lesbian Rep – Sgt Rachel Hay

Men’s Rep – Lt Jamie Carrahar

Transgender Rep – Capt Hannah Winterbourne & Spr Mel Scott

Scotland & NI – WO2 Dougie Graham & Cpl Peter Fletcher

Cyprus – LCpl Hayley Woodward-Ellam

Wales – Capt Richard Cann

Last updated: 25th May 2017