Forum Committee

Forum Committee

The Army LGBT Forum committee is made up officers and soldiers who volunteer to support the day to day operations of the forum; they are as follows:

Maj Rob Ridley
Forum Chair
Rob looks after the day to day operations of the Army LGBT Forum and Chairs the forum committee. He can be contacted for queries and questions pertaining to the forums mission, objectives, and strategy.
WO2 Dougie Graham
Vice Chair
Dougie has served all over the globe with the 1st Battalion the Black Watch. His latest posting is with HQ 51 Brigade. Dougie is a father and active member of Gay Dads Scotland. He is the port of call for LGBT troops in Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as our Vice Chair.
WO2 Lou Wolstenholme
Vice Chair
Lou is an experienced soldier having worked in numerous war zones. She advises on the treatment of gay and bisexual women and is also our lead on family life, ensuring that LGBT soldiers get the same treatment starting and supporting their families.
Sgt Guy Lowe-Barrow
Forum Secretary
Guy administers the Army LGBT Forum and associated secretarial functions including but not limited to minuting meetings, organising conferences and co-ordinating events. He is also responsible for helping to produce the Forum Newsletter.
Sgt Jonny Cox
Welfare Rep
Bio to follow. Please feel free to email Sgt Jonny Cox for further information.
OCdt Chris Howard
Media Rep
Chris is a reservist and administers all media concerns of the forum. He can be contacted in regards to interviews and other media engagements as well as for signposting to relevant defence media contacts.
Cpl Gaz Instone
Events Rep
Gaz organises the Forum’s social calendar, assisted by Lt Jack Potter QARANC, Sgt Alastair Smith PWRR, and Musician Connor Deacon CAMUS.
Capt Richard Cann
Sports Rep
Richard is a reservist and a keen rugby player and coach (Cardiff Lions RFC) and Army Reserve Wales Rugby Club. When not on the rugby field Richard is a a great advocate of all sports enjoying cricket and shooting. He is also our Wales representative.
Sgt Corey London
Reserves Rep

Corey is a Sergeant in the AGC (SPS) and is currently working as the 68 Sig Sqn clerk on an ADC contract. He is also a mature student studying for an accountancy degree in the evenings at a local University. He lives in Central London and spends as much time as he can with his ever-growing family – he is currently the proud ‘Grampy’ to 5 grandchildren. 

Sgt Rachel Hay
Lesbian Rep
Bio to follow. Please feel free to email Sgt Rachel Hay for further information.
Capt Jamie Carrahar AGC(ETS)
Mens Rep
Whilst in uniform as an Army Reservist, Jamie is a Learning and Development Officer at 3 Army Education Centre in Catterick. In his civilian career, Jamie is a Chartered Management Accountant and lectures in Accountancy and Taxation.
Capt Hannah Winterbourne
Transgender Rep
Hannah has been a serving Officer since 2010, starting her gender transition in 2013. She has served in the UK, Germany, Canada and Afghanistan and now assists in advising on transgender policies and supporting fellow transgender individuals. Whether you are already serving, or have the ambition to serve then Hannah is here.
Joe Davies

Joe has been serving with the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery since 2005 participating in all mounted ceremonial duties within Central London. He currently represents the Royal Artillery in their recruiting and engagement team throughout the UK. Joe began his transition from Female to Male in 2010 and has been supporting members of the Transgender community inside and outside the Army for the past several years.

SSgt Jo Mundie
Scotland & NI Rep
Bio to follow. Please feel free to email SSgt Jo Mundi for further information.
LCpl Hayley Woodward-Ellam
Cyprus Rep
Bio to follow. Please feel free to email LCpl Hayley Woodward-Ellam for further information.
Capt Richard Cann
Wales Rep
Richard is a reservist and a keen rugby player and coach (Cardiff Lions RFC) and Army Reserve Wales Rugby Club. When not on the rugby field Richard is a a great advocate of all sports enjoying cricket and shooting. He is also our Sports representative.


In addition to the Army LGBT Forum committee, we rely upon our regional teams to support members of the Army and these teams are as follows:

Sgt John Paul Morrison
London Regional Rep
Sgt John Paul Morrison has been in the Army for 12 years, he is an Army Welfare Worker posted in Colchester, prior to this he worked in army media supporting numerous social media campaigns. Sgt Morrison is passionate in supporting survivors of domestic abuse and working to stop FGM.
LSgt Adam Kastein
London Regional Rep
LSgt Adam Kastein has served with The Welsh Guards for over 11 years and deployed on operational tours in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Adam has recently returned from ITC Catterick where he was training and developing the Guardsmen of the future. Adam is passionate about breaking down perceptions regarding LGBT.
Rhona Carse
London Regional Rep
Rhona works as an LGBT representative for the Army's London District. She is a trumpet player in the Corps of Army Music and is currently posted to the Band of the Scots Guards in Central London. The main duty of the Foot Guards Bands is to provide musical support during Changing of the Guard, Trooping the Colour, Cenotaph Parade and other state ceremonial events.
LCpl Damian Dagg
London Regional Rep
LCpl Damian Dagg serves as an Army Reserves Combat Medical Technician and TRIM Practitioner with 3 Medical Regiment. Within his Civilian Career Damian is a Clinical Health Care Manager working within the Private Health and Social Care sector
Lt James Steel
North East Regional Rep
Bio to follow. Please email the North East Regional Rep for more information.
Lt Jack Potter
South East Regional Rep
Jack joined the Regular Army as a Nursing Officer in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps in 2013 to care for soldiers in challenging and austere environments. He is currently head of the department for The Surgical Assessment Unit and South East Regional Rep for the Army LGBT Forum.