Army Rugby League support #RainbowLaces

Army Rugby League support #RainbowLaces

Our Sports Rep 2Lt Richard Cann reports on the Army v Navy rugby league match….

“On 12/9/14 the Army Rugby League team ran out at the AJ Bell Stadium in Manchester against the Royal Navy. Much the same as it’s sister Union fixture, the annual fixture is always a hard fought match. This year saw two out of three victories for the Army sides however the greatest winner on that autumnal Friday was equality.

No huge fanfare or parade, just a small and simple gesture saw the teams lace up with rainbow laces to support Stonewall annual campaign. Although primarily aimed at the ‘National Game’ of Football Rainbow Laces is a campaign aimed at kicking homophobia out of the game.

The fact that over the following weekend nearly 100,000 people, from professional footballers to amateur sportsmen and women all over the UK laced up in the same manner from many differing sports shows that there is a substantial appetite for tackling Homophobia in sport. Stonewall reported that they in fact ran out of laces due to the demand being so high.

Tackling the prejudice and stigma surrounding gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered people in sport, I believe is an essential step in changing the archaic views that survive general society.”

You can find out more about the #RainbowLaces campaign on the Stonewall website.

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