BHD Helpline Launched

BHD Helpline Launched

A new helpline for personnel to report bullying, harassment and discrimination has gone live. The helpline is staffed by trained advisors who can provide advice and support so concerns can be dealt with quickly and confidentially.

For the first time Military and Civilian personnel in Defence will be able to confidentially raise and discuss issues about experiencing Bullying, Harassment or Discrimination (BHD) with an independent helpline advisor who understands Defence outside their CoC or Line Management Chain.

The Helpline provides support 24/7 support with trained BHD advisors who will provide in the moment emotional support, advice guidance and sign posting to other specific support available within the Service.

Defence works best as one team, working together to achieve the same aims, and treating those around us with dignity and respect.

There is no place for bullying, harassment or discrimination in any corner of defence, and this helpline is a critical step towards stamping out unacceptable behaviour.

Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace

All network members are encouraged to use this service if they are experiencing these issues.

The Defence BHD Helpline number is 0800 783 0334.

More information on the BHD Helpline can be found here.

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