Brighton Pride & The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

Brighton Pride & The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

Saturday 5th August saw this year’s Brighton Pride parade and festival take place and another weekend of activity and engagement for the Army LGBT Forum.

The Army once again took the opportunity to showcase our commitment to inclusivity and diversity and somewhat uniquely this year, demonstrated our commitment with the help of the PWRR Tigers Para Team, by expertly delivering the Brighton Pride LGBT flag into the center of celebrations and thousands of spectators below. The demonstration was incredibly well received and provided a unique photo opportunity for those attending to experience something not often seen at a Pride parade.

The flag was delivered with care by the Tigers FreeFall Parachute Display Team of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment; a regiment that continues to be at the forefront of commitment to diversity and inclusion.

2 PWRR have been shortlisted in the ‘Diverse Company of the Year Award’ at the National Diversity Awards 2017.

To find out more about the Tigers Para Team or see what else they’re doing then go along and check out their Twitter at

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