Diversity is at the heart of the Network. Every individual in the army is diverse and so is every family.

Sgt Smith-Weston FamilyAs an LGBT+ community we face different diversity when it comes to starting a family, running a family or having a family member that is LGBT+. From that we have created the diverse families role to help advise, guide and mentor anyone who feels their family has diverse LGBT+ needs.

Sgt Smudge Smith-Weston is a single father with one child living with him and three away, he is also openly gay. He has been married to both a woman and a man and has dealt with almost every aspect of running a family with a LGBT+ member.

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If you have anything you would like to know, any advice, information or direction on where to turn, Smudge is your single point of contact. With links to SSAFA, Stonewall and The Army Parents Network, he has a great source of information and links at his disposal.