Single soldiers and officers have access to accommodation in barracks, where available, or in a suitable alternative. Accommodation is subsidised and is undergoing improvement. For example, the Army is working to ensure that all serving soldiers have an en-suite room to themselves. Only recruits will continue to share dormitory-style accommodation.

Soldiers and officers in civil partnerships have access to furnished married quarters. The size of house depends on rank and family size.

Serving soldiers and officers in civil partnerships can choose to buy their own home. When they do so, and get a posting to an area that is away from their home, they can chose from the following options: to move home, buying in their new location, to commute to the new job (which can be paid for), or to serve away from home in the week. This last option is called serving ‘married unaccompanied’. Those who choose this will be housed at their work location as if they were single, but will be entitled to reduced accommodation rates and to help with their transport costs for getting home.

When Forces’ accommodation is not available Army personnel may be housed in privately rented properties. This is called Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) for singletons and those serving married unaccompanied, and Substitute Families Accommodation (SFA).

More information is available at:

More advice is contained with “JSP 746 Triservice Accommodation Regulations”
(available on DII and ArmyNet).