Role Models: Cameron Atkins

Role Models: Cameron Atkins

Cfn Cameron AtkinsCraftsman Atkins, a 19 year old gay man from Birmingham.

I enlisted into the Army on 7 May 2018. I had always considered my sexuality as bisexual, but was not open about it as I had struggled to share my thoughts and feelings with my friends and family.

I started my phase 2 training at MoD Lyneham in August 2018 to become an Armourer. A few months after arriving I had my first relationship with a man. While being with him I realised that I was in fact, a gay man and not bisexual one. After we separated, I struggled a lot on my own and turned to alcohol as the answer to solve the overwhelming issues that I was currently faced with and running through my head, like Alan turin’s Enigma machine breaking down the code.

Eventually after a while of struggling on my own I went to my section commander to ask for help. This was probably one of the greatest experiences because I sat down with him and just opened up about everything with him. He was very accepting and honest with me also opening up to me about his life making me feel more comfortable, he suggested that I go see the welfare support on camp who where also amazing and the same goes for Army Welfare Support.

The extra support I got was great, the highlight being the extra support my section commander gave as we continued to talk about my ongoing welfare issues until they were resolved also going out of his own way to do research for me and showing me events like the Army LGBT conference that I could attend which eventually led to me marching in London Pride 2019 for the first time which was the most overwhelming event I have ever experienced!

I wish to do my full service in the military pushing myself to capacity and trying for a Late Entry Commission when it becomes available but to also support and give back to the LGBT community.