Role Models: Dean Nelson

Role Models: Dean Nelson

Cpl Dean NelsonCpl Dean Nelson, a 29 year old gay man originally from Newcastle upon Tyne. I joined the Army in October 2009 and was not open about my sexuality for the first few years of my career. This was mainly due to my fears of a negative reaction. When I did come out as gay in 2014, I was so relieved that my colleagues and friends were supportive. I have never received any negativity and despite my fears, find I can serve as an openly gay soldier, with pride.

I completed basic training at Army Training Centre Pirbright then moved to Deepcut in February 2010 to complete my Phase 2 Training as a Postal Courier Operator . In June 2010, I relocated to Germany where I remained until 2016, when I returned to the UK on promotion to Corporal on assignment to Army Training Centre (Pirbright) as a Section Commander. During my time at Pirbright, I have been an instructor and mentor to recruits entering the Army. Recently, I was selected for promotion to Sergeant and will return to 29 Regiment RLC as a Troop Sergeant.

Since joining the Army, I have worked all over the world including Afghanistan, Bahrain, Dubai and the Falkland Islands to name a few. This year I took part in my first London Pride March and organised the Army’s presence at Newcastle Pride both of which amazing opportunities to showcase how inclusive the Army is. I also plan to attend Cardiff Pride later this month to support LGBT Community Engagement.

My hobbies vary massively, mostly include include sports of the Adventurous type including Kayaking, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving and Operational Shooting. I have been lucky enough to represent my Regiment and Corps in various sports over the years which makes me feel extremely proud.

I hope to continue my work with the Army LGBT forum and wider Defence community too.