Role Models: Joshua Lees

Role Models: Joshua Lees

Cfn Joshua Lees, a 20 year old gay man originally from Nottingham.

I joined the Army in October 2018, and ever since being in the Army I have been open about my sexualilty. I believe the reason why I’m able to be comfortable about being out is the road that has been made before me. If it wasn’t for the LGBTQ+ community that was in before me I believe that the people of the Army wouldn’t be as welcoming as they are now.

I completed my basic training at Army Training Centre Pirbright in February 2019 and moved onto my Phase 2 training at MOD Lyneham where I am training to be Armourer, and as before all the staff and personnel didn’t have a cold shoulder towards me. In Fact they pushed to attend the meetings that the Army LGBT held throughout the year.

Even though only attending one conference I was able to see into the world that the Army LGBT has become and what they are looking to do to help not so much promote but make aware the opportunity for everyone as a whole.

I attended my first ever Pride with the Army, this was London Pride and what an experience it was. I was able to meet people I wouldn’t normally get to meet during my training and being able to talk to and hear other peoples experiences and stories from the whole of the Armed Forces was amazing.

I’m looking forward to passing out from Phase 2 and continue my Army career taking everything in my stride and enjoying it to the fullest.