Role Models: Mike Brigham

Role Models: Mike Brigham

Mike is an infantry officer, currently serving as the Adjutant of 2 MERCIAN. Mike is a keen sportsman, career officer, and has been decorated for his services abroad.

ArmyLGBT: Mike, what attracted you to the Army?
Mike: I have been attracted to the Army since I was a young boy. I joined the Devon and Dorset Regiment at 16 and subsequently commissioned into the MERCIAN


Regiment. I joined for the adventure, travel and the thought of being in combat.

ArmyLGBT: Why the Infantry?
Mike: The infantry works on the front line – I get to lead men into battle and I find that exhilarating. It isn’t just about aggression – there is the element of raw leadership and being in close quarters with my soldiers. Some people are put off combat because of the fighting: but our actions save countless more people than have ever been harmed. The job is about assessing risks, and acting in accordance with the British codes and laws of armed conflict. This means using the minimal amount of force necessary to make situations, areas and people safe. We also do a lot of good. On my first tour we managed the installation of 46 water wells, set up power for a community of 2500 people, helped build 2 mosques and a school. What is it like on the front line? It’s an emotional roller coaster and it is the most personally enriching environment I have ever experienced.

ArmyLGBT: Is it straightforward having a civil partner whilst being in the Army?
Mike: Absolutely! I have never hidden who I am or the person I love. Everyone in the MERCIAN Regiment, from Private to the General, knows who I am and whom I love. My husband Danny is as much a part of the regiment as I am.

ArmyLGBT: What else does the Army offer you?
Mike: I have done competitive martial arts since I was 5 and I love the discipline. I have been able to continue this in the Army. I also play and referee rugby, and love outdoors adventure. I am a winter mountain leader, and I love kayaking, climbing, squash, badminton and lacrosse. In fact I love all sports and keeping fit, as it makes me feel alive and healthy. The Army fully supports me in this. The Army also forms the basis, at a young age, for working in a team and working towards a common goal.

ArmyLGBT: If you had to sell your job to me what would you say?
Mike: The soldiers under my command and the country I love make my job the most enjoyable and challenging I could ever experience. I serve my country and my people with pride.